A Message of Hope… from USA Competitions

It's February 2021...

Heart beating fast in your chest…adrenaline pumping…you draw in a deep breath and repeat your mantra as you smile and raise your arms overhead - then exhale as you lower them and get into position…your nerves settle and are replaced with a wave of confidence as you shift your focus to the task at hand...you've got this...this is the moment you’ve been waiting for; the return to competition...the feeling of chalk on your hands...the sound of your parents and teammates cheering…the feeling of the beam under your feet...the warmth of your hands as you swing around the bar...the feeling of liftoff as you set before flipping and twisting for the final skill in your floor routine...and the bounce of the springboard followed by a dramatic silence...as your sense of time seems to slow while you’re blocking off the table and flying through the air for what feels like forever (parents holding their breath)...until you find your landing……You’re finally back where you belong…and we are all here for you.

Now that you’re back in competition.....
your time away from the gym is starting to feel like a distant memory. After weeks of being out of the gym when the world took a break, you never lost your passion. When your gym reopened you felt refreshed and eager to train with a renewed sense of gratitude...you finally returned to the sport you love so much. You promise yourself that you’ll hold onto that feeling and never forget the sacrifices you made...the sacrifices the world made so we could be back here today.

And here you are once again....soaking in the moment, smile on your face and chalk on your hands, and we are all here for you…your parents, your coaches, your teammates, the judges, and your friends at USA Competitions…we are all here for you to live in this moment because as kids we were blessed with moments like this…and we want you to shine.

At USA Competitions, creating these moments is why we do what we do!

While the world is on pause, we are working hard from our homes so we can continue to provide opportunities for gymnasts to shine and return to the sport they love.

Stay in touch for some exciting news about our events on the 2020-2021 competition calendar.

Wishing you good health and happiness, and we look forward to seeing you very soon!

-Your friends at USA Competitions