An Update from the Tim Rand Invite 2020

March 9, 2020

Dear Tim Rand Invitational Participants and Attendees,

Thank you for attending this year’s Tim Rand Invitational.  We hope you all enjoyed the competition.

As of the writing of this letter and based on reports from the Palm Beach County Health Department, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Palm Beach County. However, we wanted to make you aware that we recently learned through the Palm Beach Post (see link below) and from the Palm Beach County Convention Center, that a man who lives in Pennsylvania and who visited the Palm Beach County Convention Center on Friday, February 28th has tested positive for COVID-19.

According to the article, there is no need for alarm, “visitors can have confidence in coming here.” The man who tested positive was at the convention center eight days before our event. Hundreds of attendees and convention center employees from that event were notified that they might have been exposed (over 1,083 have been monitored and 280 are still being monitored) and there are no additional confirmed cases in Palm Beach County. 

We were notified during the afternoon on the last day of our event (Sunday, March 8th). The reports from the Palm Beach Health Department and the Palm Beach County Convention Center at that time told us that the risk of the virus remaining on the surfaces over an eight day period was “very low” and that all surfaces are cleaned and sterilized by their cleaning crew multiple times per day. The only individuals at risk were those who were in close contact with the man from PA while at the convention center on Friday, February 28th. Additionally, we have not been instructed that we need to inform you, our guests, about the person who tested positive the week before our event. However, we are doing so out of an abundance of caution, to remain transparent, dispel any rumors and share all the information we have. 

Although our event hosted many teams from all over the country and a few teams from other countries, we still do not have any COVID-19 cases tied to participants or attendees at our competition. If anything changes, we will notify all participants immediately.

Please continue to wash your hands often and stay home if you feel sick. 


Your friends at USA Competitions and Twisters